Tue, 18 December 2018
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Mon, 16 October 2017 00:09:08

United Kingdom and Middle East Have Highest Demand for MBA Islamic Finance Professionals

One of the fastest growing sectors around the globe is Islamic finance. This is the reason that in not only the Middle East but also many European Universities has started the program of Islamic finance degree.

One of the fastest growing sectors around the globe is Islamic finance. This is the reason that in not only the Middle East but also many European Universities has started the program of Islamic finance degree. This will help them to meet the requirement of MBA Islamic finance professionals around the world.

“As far as demand for Islamic financial qualification is concerned, it is not limited to any specific region. We are noticing a continuous increase in our MBA Islamic Finance students. And they are not limited to a specific region. We have hundreds of students enrolled from remote regions, such as Senegal, Madagascar, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, and Trinidad & Tubago”, said Mr. Haris Ahmed, Director at Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS UK).

Apart from the Muslims, the Non-Muslims are also enrolling is this field to meet the increasing demand for the professionals. It has been predicted that by 2018 the assets of MBA Islamic finance will rise up to $3.4 trillion. So here we have the list of 7 countries that has the highest demand for the MBA Islamic finance experts.

1. Saudia Arabia

They have the global asset sharing of 31.70% and this is the reason that the demand of Islamic finance degree is growing in this country. Many universities have started the degree as well as most of the professionals have already completed their studies and are ready for work.

2. Malaysia

It has the major Shariah-compliant industry in the world. So in order to manage their 16.70% of the assets that requires the professionals of MBA Islamic finance. As these are the individuals that will help to grow the banking system.

3. United Kingdom

The demand for MBA Islamic finance is also growing in Europe, as London is considered to be the hub of Islamic finance activities and qualifications. Many universities have started Islamic finance degree programs. Recent studies shows Islamic banking has become one of the four major specialists degrees in the UK.

4. UAE

It has the global share of 14.60% and so the country deserves to have the professionals that will help them to manage the backing system according to the rules of Islam. They are hiring the experts because now the awareness has increased in the public.

5. Qatar

The demand for the Islamic banks in growing in Qatar because the economic status of the country is developing. So the investors are looking for a decent way to invest and the best help can be provided by the Islamic finance degree professionals.

6. Bahrain

The demand for the MBA Islamic finance professionals in Bahrain is 1.70% and the growing economy is looking for the sources to invest that has been provided by Islam. This is the reason that growth of Islamic banks is increasing in this region.

7. Pakistan

It is the developing country that has shown a rapid growth. So being a true Islamic state the people are in search for the Islamic finance degree that will help them to invest 1.20% of their shares in the profitable and industry that fulfill the rules of Islam.

Bottom line

The strong economic growth of the Gulf region is the main reason for increased demand for Islamic finance. Most of the investors are looking for the products for investments that will help them gain the financial benefits, with their religious boundaries. Apart from that, most of the Muslims around the globe want to have Islamic finance services.





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