Thu, 17 January 2019
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Tue, 27 March 2018 00:17:08

GAME On! Join the Fashion REVOLUTION

Fashion Designer Paris Gordon Takes Innovative Ready to Wear Line for Women from 18-80 to the Next Level Utilizing CrowdFunding, oh, did we mention she's got a PATENT!

Accomplished fashion designer Paris Gordon, known for her couture collection just launched an innovative women’s ready to wear line PG by Paris Gordon, empowering women everywhere to FEELGOOD and LOOK GOOD with her patented SlimChic® liner technology built inside that lifts, smooths, shapes and control’s a women’s curves in total comfort. These sophisticated separates, with feminine sexy styling, act as a canvas for the wardrobe while slimming the wearer.  “They take you back to the last decade!” she likes to say. Worn by many celebrities including Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Halle Barry, Anne Hathaway, Angeline Jolie and Countess Luann de Lesseps from RHONY, women from 18-80 are embracing this exciting line ,like Khrystyana, currently a contestant on VH1’s America’s Top Model who has been modeled for the PG line and loves to wear the pieces out on the town. Succeeding in Ms. Gordon’s goal to create a line that crosses all demographics and body types and truly “embraces your curves and empowers all women”. “Body positive is what were all about, our clothes give you confidence, while quietly smoothing your curves in comfort!”

After life changing events stopped her in her tracks, “Designing comes from a place of love and I was heartbroken” she’s said, she decided to take time off to heal. Trying to find a way to hide her noticeable weight gain afterward spawned a need for a slimming upscale garment.  Quickly realizing there was nothing out there “I am not your all-day yoga pant wearing kind of girl”, she set out to find the perfect fabric and create her dream separates. With a background in high-end apparel coupled with her passion for technology and an emerging global marketplace Paris felt the time was right to merge Athleisure, technology and High-end apparel to create the perfect canvas of elegant separates for every women’s wardrobe. Finding a fabric that said, “glamour not grunge” she engineered a way to add a slimming liner inside “I was determined to smooth out all my lumps and bumps”, even after multiple manufactures told her it could not be done. “No is just not in my vocabulary” she pushed on and after 3 + years achieved her goal, patenting the finished product, unheard of in the apparel world, resulting in the PG line with her SlimChic® liner attached inside.

Paris views her PG line as a “Fashion Revolution” combining Fashion with Technology making clothing for today’s women who want to look great and feel great. Now she’s taking  “PG” to the masses, offering the line at a deep discount through crowdfunding on her Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $300,000 as a decision to fuel the revolution. Paris explained, “I decided it was appropriate to use the technology of the internet and crowd-fund direct to women to realize my vision, raising capital through traditional channels presented multiple #MeTOO nightmares in the past” “Stories I am going to save for my book one day, Surviving 7th Avenue! LOL!’  ‘Presenting the brand on KS, with all its features and benefits, is a unique opportunity to educate the consumer. We not only get to establish a new customer base but hopefully acquire the additional capital needed for expansion into new styles that complement the classics sold online.” The Kickstarter campaign launched on February 27th and will end on April 4th.  making this revolutionary new apparel available to women around the world. Priced from $69 - $149 - $229 and available in sizes S-1XL.

“The line is a paradigm shift and women truly have a visceral experience when they try it on, expecting to feel squished or uncomfortable (like traditional spanks) they are surprised and delighted in feeling quite the opposite. Usually commenting: “I don’t want to take it off!  Or, “It’s chic and super comfortable, and the versatile styling is perfect for all occasions. I feel like a Million” Says customer Mercene, 52 Westport, Ct. With PG, now women can have it all and feel empowered along the way!

Join the revolution at Kickstarter : and learn how a patented apparel line is revolutionizing the fashion world. 





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