Thu, 17 January 2019
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Fri, 01 June 2018 00:39:04

Colorado Springs Urgent Care Center Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

ER Specialists Urgency Center celebrates 1 year of the opening of the new Colorado Springs Urgent Care Facility

Colorado Springs Urgent Care Facility is focused on providing medical care that is quick and centered on the needs of the patient.  The cost is cheaper then what is common for most emergency rooms and the medical staff is trained and certified in providing emergency care.  Patients of the Colorado Springs Urgent Care facility can find a doctor quickly and at a low-cost.  Patients of Colorado Springs Urgent Care can confirm that less time is spent in the waiting room, meaning that treatment is provided much quicker.  The facility has been providing quality medical care to patients for the past year. 

Colorado Springs Urgent Care is set up to meet a multitude of needs.  They have medical equipment on-site that cannot be found in most other urgent care locations in Colorado Springs.  Among the equipment they have is a CT Scan, ultrasound equipment, X-Ray Machine, and medical laboratory.  This equipment allows them to quickly find the diagnosis and provide treatment, meaning that patients can feel better much quicker.   They treat patients with a multitude of illnesses and provide numerous services to their clients.  They provide services to address headaches, pregnancy/gynecology issues, Ear Nose and Throat issues, Abdominal Pain, Blood Clots, Shortness of Breath and/or Chest pain, and even appendicitis.  They also provide many services not related to being sick.  They provide flu shots and physicals among other services. 

People become frustrated when they go into an urgent care facility and never see the doctor.  Nurses are important and valued at Colorado Springs Urgent Care.  However, doctors are the ones that provide the diagnosis.  For this reason, it is guaranteed that you will see a doctor when you go to the facility for treatment, so that the doctor can have first hand knowledge of what is going on and provide you with the quality care that you deserve. 

Colorado Springs provides clean facilities that can meet almost any medical emergency you may have.   Many individuals run into problems with having to take off work to see a doctor.  Colorado Springs Urgent Care understands this and is open on the evenings and weekends so that you can come when it is convenient for you, without having to take money out of your pocket to do so.  You don’t have to sacrifice your quality of life for your medical needs!  The facility provides care that puts the patients first, medically, emotionally and financially.  Here is a Quote from Dr. Julie Marmon:

ER Specialists Urgency Center is a walk-in Urgent Care clinic focused on providing patient-centered medical care that is fast, friendly and efficient, with costs only a fraction of traditional emergency rooms.”

Many individuals avoid going to the doctor due to the cost.  Colorado Springs does everything they can to keep the cost as affordable as possible.  They also accept many insurances.  Beyond attempting to make healthcare affordable, they also provide many other services at the same location.  For example, they can fill many of the prescriptions while you are at the facility. 

March 1, 2018 marked the one-year anniversary of the opening of Colorado Springs Urgent Care Facility.  Over the past year, the facility has had many satisfied patients. Just read the following quote from a review left by Tiffany D in Colorado Springs:

“I took my 11-year-old son in on a Saturday afternoon.  He was in tears because his ear hurt so bad.  They were great! We didn’t have to wait, they were kind, and my favorite part was that we got his antibiotic right then and there, saved me a trip to the pharmacy.”

Colorado Springs Urgent Care has been able to help many families over the past year and is excited to help many more in the years to come.  More information can be found at





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