Sat, 18 August 2018
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Tue, 05 June 2018 01:26:49

Business Owners Get More Targeted Leads With New SEO Marketing Agency Traffic Boosting Service

My Internet Marketing Consultant releases information on how its new Traffic And Lead Generation service will dramatically help business owners investing in growth.

Earlier today, My Internet Marketing Consultant announced the launch of its new Targeted Traffic And Lead Generation service, set to go live 6th June 2018. For any business owner remotely interested in growth and lead generation, this new development will be worth paying attention to as it is set to make an immediate impact.

Currently, with even a limited knowledge, a savvy business owner will notice most SEO agencies focus entirely on traditional on-site optimisation. The key to generating traffic and leads, they suggest, is in off-site SEO, which this new service has been created to solve. Long lasting benefits include increased awareness, fast ranking and organic visibility. The Owner at My Internet Marketing Consultant, Derek Armstrong, makes a point of saying "things are going to change for adopters of this strategy when our Targeted Traffic And Lead Generation service launches as it has the potential to literally transform businesses capable of handling the increase in enquiries. Anyone who has been left underwhelmed by other agencies should definitely contact us and ask about our guarantee".

Derek Armstrong continues... "Where you'll always see our competitors doing the same thing as each other, focusing on on-site optimisation and relying on costly PPC for traffic, we will be giving our clients a huge advantage by concentrating on off-site SEO. We do this because we believe if you continue to use techniques that everyone else is using then you end up in a far more competitive situation, which requires more time, effort and expense as time goes on. By doing the opposite you are taking advantage of a method that almost no-one else is using and therefore you can achieve far greater results at a lower cost. Ultimately this is going to be a huge advantage to our customers because publishing content in one location (i.e. your own website), is only effective if you have already built up credibility and relevance in the eyes of the search engines. Clients will benefit from improved awareness, credibility and relevance from this service which includes publishing content in multiple strategic locations which hold a high level of authority. Search engines respond by rewarding your site with often dramatic improvements in ranking, which are organic and therefore long lasting. The increase in visibility drives more traffic and targeted leads thanks to the creative way the content is crafted by our team of experienced writers".

My Internet Marketing Consultant was established in Summer 2017 and it's owner is able to draw on 29 years experience as a company director, long enough to know the importance of including this much needed business service in their portfolio, and being in keeping with their motto: "Growing your business while you get on with business".

Currently, the closest thing to My Internet Marketing Consultant's Targeted Traffic And Lead Generation service is a plethora of generic SEO strategies. Whilst SEO is an important principle to adopt in all your online activities, to really drive traffic you need to turn the concept on its head. Traditional SEO packages rarely go beyond on-site tweaking that often has very limited results. Anyone looking to generate more leads and grow their business will benefit from shifting their focus away from highly competitive PPC and on-site SEO, and give this new service a try where My Internet Marketing Consultant takes SEO to the next level. Consider the difference between shop front signage and a billboard: it is great to have an attractive sign above your shop telling people who you are and what you do but, unless your customers are stood in front of it, they are not going to see it. What this service sets out to achieve is to provide your business with a multitude of digital billboards so that more people discover you, and know where and how to find you. The way this new service is designed means it is also an effective way of telling the search engines that your business is relevant and deserves to be given better rankings. Specific products and services can be promoted in order to drive higher quality targeted traffic, and is fundamental to the way the campaigns are crafted and implemented. This feature alone is predicted to make My Internet Marketing Consultant's Targeted Traffic And Lead Generation service very popular with businesses investing in growth, and those searching for effective lead generation strategies and solutions.

Once again, the Targeted Traffic And Lead Generation service is set to launch 6th June 2018. To find out more, the place to visit is





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